2nd Mile Ministries is a Christian community development organization working in the Brentwood neighborhood north of downtown Jacksonville, FL. 


We are seeking to partner with other leaders in the neighborhood to develop leaders who will move their own community towards transformation.


2nd Mile engages the Brentwood neighborhood in a wholistic way by equipping, empowering, and supporting the community.


Be an active part of God's transformation of this city!


Each month we have highlighted specific ways you can pray for the Brentwood community, collect items to tangibly meet 2nd Mile needs, and act through volunteering your time.



February 2019


Pray for wisdom for 2nd Mile's Staff and Board of Directors with upcoming decisions.


Collect donate a full ($250) or partial ($125) scholarship for our CONNECT & LEAD students to go on a summer retreat.


Act read the 2nd Mile 101 blog series and participate in our FB Live Q & A session on 2/28. Email questions to 2ndmilejax@gmail.com