Vote for 2nd Mile in Aetna’s Voices of Health Competition

October 1st - November 9th

We’ve been entered into Aenta’s Voices of Health competition, where we compete against other nonprofit organizations across Jacksonville through the month of October. The nonprofit with the most votes at the end of the competition wins $20,000.

So we need you to vote! Everyday in every way!

Everyone can vote 4 times a day (once via email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) on Aetna’s website.


2nd Mile Ministries is a Christian community development organization working in the Brentwood neighborhood north of downtown Jacksonville, FL. 


Come and See Neighborhood Tour

Join us for a 90 minute event where you will take a tour of the community, learn the basics of 2nd Mile, and hear more about how you can tangibly invest in the transformation of lives in Brentwood!

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We are seeking to partner with other leaders in the neighborhood to develop leaders who will move their own community towards transformation.


2nd Mile engages the Brentwood neighborhood in a wholistic way by equipping, empowering, and supporting the community.


Be an active part of God's transformation of this city!


Each month we have highlighted specific ways you can pray for the Brentwood community, collect items to tangibly meet 2nd Mile needs, and act through volunteering your time.



November 2018

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Pray for our staff that we remain spiritually grounded, vision focused, and well connected to our community.


Collect items for our 2:52 store such as fun gadgets, toys, and school supplies (students earn through their jobs and can purchase items).


Act sign up for an upcoming 2nd Mile Come and See Neighborhood Tour.