Leadership Development Pathway

Communities like Brentwood suffer from a dearth of positive leaders as two main mindsets can pervade the neighborhood: "It will always be this way" or "I"m going to get out as soon as I can and never look back." But, 2nd Mile seeks to offer a third way, by which students are developed to be the leaders and role models from and for their own community in the church, the neighborhood, and the marketplace. Students as young as age five join this pathway that is a seamless collection of youth development programs.

two:fiftytwo After School Program


The two:fiftytwo After School Program is not just another place for kids to go after school. It's a leadership development program. Our goal is to see a new generation of leaders raised up that follow Christ and lead the community forward. Like Jesus, we desire to see students grow in "wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man," Luke 2:52. This is done with a wholistic approach that engages social, spiritual, physical, and academic forms of learning, while seeking to build relationships with students and families that last far beyond an afternoon program.

LIVE: the truth of the Gospel as discovered through Gospel-centered Bible study

LEARN: as scholars, who develop a love of learning that continues for a lifetime

LEAD: their community forward as indigenous leaders and role models from and for their own culture in the church, the neighborhood, and the marketplace

Contact Director, Dani Kahn, at dani@2ndmilejax.com for more information about how to support this program. 

CONNECT Middle School Program

During these decidedly formative years students are beginning to seek to figure out who God is, who they are and which path they will walk down. Will they drop out of school or stay in? Will drugs be a part of their life or not? Whose messages and beliefs will they buy into? Will they walk with God? Will they see themselves as leaders who can make a difference in their community and the world.


The goal of CONNECT is to journey with students—helping them to connect with God, discover who they are, and change the world. We do this through large and small group Bible Study, various enrichment activities (like music, art, sports, and academics), life skills and leadership training, combined with hands-on leadership and service opportunities. In the midst of this mentors are building one-on-one relationships with students with the desire to personally disciple students on their journeys.

Contact Director, Andrew Vollmer, at andrew@2ndmilejax.com for more information about how to support this program. 

BLOCK High School Program


BLOCK (Building Leaders of Christ’s Kingdom) is 2nd Mile’s High School Program where we’re seeking to build up leaders who firmly stand spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially to change the world around them. BLOCK’s main focus is on leadership development, emotional health, and life skills, through group discussions, trainings, and Bible studies.  Our high schoolers also plan, lead, and execute community events and activities on a monthly basis as a way to grow their leadership skills.

Contact Director, Sarah Johnson, at andrew@2ndmilejax.com for more information about how to support this program. 

Summer Day Camp

Every summer, 2nd Mile collaborates with several churches and individuals in order to host a free multi-week day camp for elementary-aged children in our neighborhood. Through this camp we are able to support parents in our neighborhood by providing a safe and fun place for their children to go in the summer break. Meanwhile, it allows us to share the Gospel and love of Christ with 50+ kids.


Students get to participate in a variety of engaging activities (including music, art, education, dance, and sports) while also hearing the Gospel proclaimed through Bible lessons and worship. The fun and energetic environment of camp revolves around loving the kids and pointing them to Jesus.

As part of our wholistic focus, every activity has a purpose. For example, snack time becomes an opportunity to encourage healthy eating through learning about and eating yummy and nutritious foods. These “snacktivities” lay building blocks for future health.

Contact Director, Dani Kahn, at dani@2ndmilejax.com for more information about how to support this program.