We seek to live as a redemptive, healing community who delight in and celebrate God and his work passionately. We seek to live interdependently as stewards of God’s eternal purposes, engaging as redemptive agents in the wholistic transformation of our neighborhood.

Just like every neighborhood ours is a combination of joy and pain, triumph and struggle, courage and despair, resilience and challenges. In many breathtakingly beautiful ways, the Image of God shines through the individuals and community. In many other ways there is apparent evidence that sin has staggeringly vandalized and marred that image.

The Fall has impacted our neighborhood. We see its results through individual choices and systemic policy. We see it through the ways people are hurt by historical and present day injustice. We see it through outside unrighteousness and through the ways people contribute towards their own pain.

Some of the statistical outcomes that reveal things are not as they ought to be:

  • Overall life expectancy is four to nine years shorter than any other part of the city. For males, life expectancy is a five full years shorter than the next lowest community.
  • 43% of children in our neighborhood live below the poverty line.
  • The unemployment rate (19.5%) is more than double that of most other parts of the city.
  • Of those still in the school system, less than one out of four of local high school students reads proficiently (24%).

While we are clearly aware of the reality that things are not as they should be, we know with brilliant clarity that Christ is redeeming and reconciling all things to himself. We know that his death and resurrection provide the power and the access for individuals to know him, be transformed by him, and become ambassadors of reconciliation themselves.