We are seeking to see the gospel renew lives and communities so they are transformed in every way.

We pursue comprehensive community transformation by planting our lives in the Brentwood neighborhood and focusing our energy directly towards that community. As we live there we join with already existing leaders and organizations and the assets they possess in order to develop future generations of leaders who will be leaders of transformation in this community and communities all around the nation.

Specific Neighborhood Focus

In order to see comprehensive and concrete community transformation we are focusing our energy, time and resources on a defined community: The Brentwood neighborhood.

Tangible Presence

It is our goal to be the presence of Christ in ways that can be tangibly known and felt often by individuals and partners within our community. We live in our neighborhood, shop in our neighborhood, play in our neighborhood, and serve in our neighborhood. Through this we build meaningful, life-changing relationships. Through this people in our community feel our presence. Through this people in our community come to know and be transformed by Christ.

Collaborative Partnerships

The realization of comprehensive community transformation will only happen if many people join together and partner towards those ends. We seek to link arms with and partner together with others who care about some aspect of our community’s transformation. This includes a wide variety of organizations such as churches, schools; a community garden, affordable housing group, daycare, etc.

Asset Based Community Development

Our neighborhood is already full of people with lots of assets and resources. We seek to add our assets to the assets that already exist in the community – finding our solutions from and building on the great things already in the neighborhood.

Leadership Development

It is our desire that those growing up in our neighborhood would not see their options as merely settling for what already exists nor escaping what exists. Rather we desire to empower, equip and mobilize the younger generation towards a vision of being leaders who stay and transform their community as they live the truth of the gospel in their homes, the church, the neighborhood, and the marketplace.