2nd Mile's 11th Annual Family Fall Festival

October 26, 2019, 1pm-4pm

Partner with 2nd Mile Ministries, JHA, and other community partners to host our 11th Annual Family Fall Festival! Every year hundreds of people from our community join us for a fun day filled with games, candy, music, and food. It is a great day for the whole family!


Check out how you can join us to help make the day a success:


Lead a Car Game and Pass out Candy

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The decorated trunk of each car will serve as a station for children to get candy and play simple carnival-type games.  It’s easy, and the highlight of the day!  Decorate your car with a theme (sports, beach, etc.) and come hand out candy.

We ask that car trunk games arrive at 11:30am the day of the event and be ready by 12:30pm.  Please note that for the safety of all involved, volunteers should commit to being at the event until it ends at 4pm.  No cars will be allowed in or out of the event area between 12:30pm-4:00pm.

Please fill out the form to sign up to volunteer for a Trunk-or-Treat game. Please sign up by 10/21/19

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Collect Candy and Bottled Water

We will need thousands of pounds of candy and 1000 bottles of water in order to adequately serve the massive amount of children who will come to our event.  You (and your friends) can ensure that we have enough.

Contact Brittany at brittany@2ndmilejax.com for more information on how to donate.



For more information about how you can get involved with our Family Fall Festival, please contact Brittany at brittany@2ndmilejax.com or (608) 843-9492.

Jacksonville Housing Authority

3465 Village Center Drive, 32206

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