2nd Mile Ministries is a Christian community development organization working in the Brentwood neighborhood north of downtown Jacksonville, FL. 


Come and See Neighborhood Tour

Join us for a 90 minute event where you will take a tour of the community, learn the basics of 2nd Mile, and hear more about how you can tangibly invest in the transformation of lives in Brentwood!

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We're passionate about seeing a new generation of leaders who will become mighty for God and courageous leaders in their community and world.  Our students come from a community where many influences suggest that "they can't," but we've seen God say "you can," and they have.   Meet some of our leaders in the making, and hear their dreams and goals.

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“A positive leader is someone who does the right thing.”

Adrianna has been in 2nd Mile’s programs for the last three years. She is in Safety Patrol at her school and leads an anti-bullying club at 2nd Mile. She hopes to one day end violence within her community.

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“If it wasn’t for 2nd Mile I wouldn’t have realized my dreams and goals.”

Ahmad started volunteering and coming to 2nd Mile in the spring of 2016. He volunteers at our after-school program, leads at Summer Day Camp, and attends our high school program. Ahmad has learned how to lead with a purpose and hopes to continue leading in the future as a teacher.

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“A leader looks like having an active involvement in your community.”

Charity first started coming to 2nd Mile when she was in 1st grade. She has grown up through our programs and now volunteers at our after-school program. Charity hopes to one day have a family and become a nurse.

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“It’s okay to push yourself and go beyond the limits set for you.”

Chassidy has been coming to 2nd Mile since she’s been six and now volunteers at our after-school program. For her, 2nd Mile means that there is always someone there no matter what. Chassidy hopes to be a great teacher.

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“2nd Mile means family and love to me.”

Ferrell first came to 2nd Mile when he was five and has been involved ever since. He believes that a positive leader is someone who can guide the youth. He hopes to be a NFL football player and give back to his community when he can.

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“I learned to not follow others and how to be a leader.”

Olivia has just started coming to 2nd Mile this summer. She’s now at our after-school and is learning to become a leader. Olivia wants to go to college and be a police officer in the future.

We are seeking to raise $25,000 by the end of the year to continue to development of leaders from and for the Brentwood neighborhood. By giving generously you can help ensure we can equip these students with all they need to grow into healthy leaders.

Will you help us in this need to shape the lives of many for years to come?


We are seeking to partner with other leaders in the neighborhood to develop leaders who will move their own community towards transformation.


2nd Mile engages the Brentwood neighborhood in a wholistic way by equipping, empowering, and supporting the community.


Be an active part of God's transformation of this city!


Each month we have highlighted specific ways you can pray for the Brentwood community, collect items to tangibly meet 2nd Mile needs, and act through volunteering your time.



January 2019


Pray that 2019 will be a fruitful year of expanding our reach and relationships within the Brentwood neighborhood.


Collect give funds for a group field trip for our two:fiftytwo elementary students.


Act join us for our Come & See Tour on Saturday, 1/26 at 4003 N Pearl St, from 10-11:30am.