Camper to Coach: Learning to Serve Others

At the end of July our CONNECT middle and BLOCK high school students traveled to New Orleans to serve with our sister ministry, Urban Impact. Hear from Chassidy about her experience and what she learned on the trip:

Hey, my name is Chassidy  and I am fifteen years old.  I am an intern at 2nd Mile Ministries for the summer and attend the BLOCK high school program. This past week we went to New Orleans to serve the community at Urban Impact. For the week we were in New Orleans we served the little kids at the camp, which they call Day Camp. The camp went from 12:30pm to 4:00pm. One of the rules of camp was “God first, others second, and I am third.” Throughout the week I had made this rule my motto, because they said if you follow that rule you can make others have fun but also have fun yourself. 


At Day Camp I became one of the coaches for Challenge Circle. Being a coach was very new/different to me because I came to 2nd Mile as a camper for Summer Day Camp when I was 5 years old, where we also played Challenge Circle.  I was never a coach at Summer Day Camp so when I went to Day Camp in New Orleans, it was tough because I didn’t want to be like “Hey don’t do that,” or “Hey do this.” Although it was a new experience, I really liked working with the kids and hyping them up with cheers.


At Day Camp we did a lot of fun things, but one of my favorite things to do was work the registration table. Registration was fun because I could meet the kids first and I already knew their names so when registration was over I could just introduce myself to them. Also, just seeing the kids come was fun because I could tell that they were really happy to be there and learn about God. I am really glad that I got the chance to go on this trip and learn to serve others.