How We Can Act Justly

This is the seventh post in a series of seven examining the Bible’s concept of justice and the action expected of Christ-followers by our King. These principles are essential to the ministry and the faithfulness of 2nd Mile Ministries to remain on mission.

There are many ways to act for justice. Here are some details about the ideas highlighted in the video:

#1 Become a Disciple

We must consider who we are discipling and who is discipling us. We are both being influenced and influencing others. Is the Bible’s definition of justice and God’s love for the vulnerable part of that discipleship process for you? If not, consider how it could be. We want to make sure we are taking into account the full counsel of Scripture as we invite others to “follow us as we follow Christ.”

#2 Train Our Eyes

We can’t act on what we don’t know or see. For many of us, we will need to enter into a learning process. This blog series could be a great source and a plethora of books, articles, podcasts, and social media follows could help you in the process. Specifically, you could take the step to prayerfully read the news and ask how what you’re reading ties to God’s justice. Or try a new book like “When Helping Hurts”, “The Color of Compromise”, “Generous Justice”, and literally anything by John Perkins. 

#3 Get Involved

We are called to act about these important issues. So consider, what that might look like. You could:

  • Research a place to get involved locally like an under-resourced school in your area. And make a commitment to come on a regular basis for at least six months.

  • Check out and their interactive map of ministries in your area.

  • Consider how you spend your time, money, and relationships. Invest them in ways to display a value for God’s justice.

#4 Highlight the Image of God

From the first page of Scripture, it is established that humans have inherent value because we have been made in God’s own image. In our daily life, we have myriad opportunities to either elevate or dismiss that image. Sometimes acting justly can be as simple as being aware of the language we use (or allow others to use unchallenged). If we value the image of God in others, we will act for their dignity, their good, and to see them live in alignment with their Creator who made them.